An 890 yard shot....!

Stoney Creek - Purpose Built Shooting Clothing


You've got to see this clip. I'm not sure what sort of bench rest/Mad Max contraption these guys are taking their shots from.

I thought at least some of the art of stalking is to get as close as you can to your animals. Yes these guys can hit the deer at these rediculous distances but where are they being hit? I hope they've got a good dog (if they bother to follow up at all).

paul k

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That is a total disgrace. It would be fully 10 minutes before they could even start to try and blood track that wounded deer (looked a bit like a cow elk).

Nice to see that the guy was wearing his orange hat to prevent getting shot!!

Bambi Basher

Alex said:
I hope they've got a good dog (if they bother to follow up at all).

The thing is that in some US states I beleive that you are not allowed to use a dog to track wounded game and in others you have to keep it on a leash while tracking.

It is not stalking just shooting, even the skill of the rifleman is removed as the use of rests, rangefinders, windmeters and palm top computers to work out the bullet drop ect are used.



Bunch of bloody idiots, how they can call themselves hunters is beyond me.
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