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A comment on the recent thread on the 7x57 re having odds and sods of ammo lying around prompts the question why don't more dealers and ammo makers follow the example of RWS and provide a test box -!0/0/723 -

ie a box containing four or five cartridges of a number of different loads for a particular calibre. Indeed a dealer could go as far as splitting four or five different boxes and providing four or five different cartridges for you to go and try. You can soon tell which brand your rifle likes - it doesn't take a whole 20 round box full.

So you pick up your shiny new or even 2nd hand 243, £35 for a box containing 5 Norma, 5 RWS, 5 Federal and 5 Hornady 100gn loads. Go off and test them and come back to your favourite helpful dealer and buy the ammo you like.

Instead at the moment you buy a box of the cheapest ammo and give that a try, buy a box of what somebody else on the web suggests - now £70 down and then in disgust go another couple of brands and in the meantime curse the the dealer for selling you a useless rifle.

Even better would be to have dealers, with a range where they can help you set up and test fire your rifles.

And I have just seen a pig flying backwards doing barrel rolls:)

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We are a bit different from usual RFDs as that side of things follows on from courses etc. so cant really comment more widely.

But for gear bought from us, that option is effectively offered as new rifles are set up and range session included to adjust for the user and secondhand rifles can be tried. In that process whatever selection we have available can be used.

It is a good point and something akin may happen more than is publicised? I don't know.

I suspect a key reason is that traders that go such an extra mile, so very often then find the customer goes off to 'Hunters Mega Store' and buys the chosen ammo for 9p a box less! The free market is just that, but there can be a downside in terms of choice on occassion as the incentive to go the extra mile ( or just deliver plain good service? ) can be less than nil.
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Part of the problem is the cost, as far as sample boxes go at least. For just one calibre, say .308, in reality you want about 10 rounds each to allow for two or three different powder loads. Say five different bullet types for a 50 round pack. But that's five boxes of ammo which comes out at about a £150 stock investment that may not sell that often. Five calibres makes it £750. It may work if they sell, but it's a relatively large investment. Personally I'd like the idea though, being an inveterate meddler. There may be a profit per box of samples, but will they all sell?


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It's a good idea. I had the same for powders.

There'll always be people who don't appreciate what you do for them, have no loyalty, and go elsewhere for a penny.

BUT, there are more people who will appreciate a shops efforts, and so long as pricing is reasonable, will buy, if for no other reason that it's so flippin difficult to buy ammunition, other than your local shop !


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I know of at least one gun shop in France that sells rounds singly so that a shooter on buying a new rifle can zero it on their test range using different ammo and only pay for the number of individual rounds that they use. I am told that this is quite common in France where many gun shops have their own private range for customer use.
That shop in France has the most extensive range of ammunition in various calibres that I have ever seen regarding choice of ammunition, I have certainly never seen anything even remotely as extensive anywhere in this country.


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This could work for anyone going to any of the SD meets. Just ask if anyone else going, already shoots the same calibre and what ammunition they have to trade.

Which just raises the question as to the current exchange rate of cartridges per pint!


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You dont want them too start getting friendly with the public after all these years do you,:stir: unless you market them as (rainbow )boxes and add another tenner!!!8 staff and it still takes half an hour to get served,filing system is a box in the corner and a laptop that still runs on coal!!
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