An overdue big thanks to Lakey!!!


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I would like to express my great thanks to Lakey who recently took me out after some Sika Hinds. Unfortunately No shot presented itself however i saw plenty of beasts and had the great experience of Lakey saying "watch this" before proceeding to whistle and call in a nice 6 point stag from 100 to 50 yards!!!!! That got the blood pumping even though he was not to be shot.

I also got to meet Lakey's good friend Paul Taylor who is a professional stalking guide and taxidermist. Paul kindly took the time to show me around his workshop with some amazing mounts being created. (apologies for the drool)

I had a cracking day & learnt a lot about Sika!!!!

Thanks Lakey!!!!




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Hi Rob,

It was a pleasure to take you out and about, and yes that Sika stag certainly got the pulse quickening a bit. He was busting for a punchup and would have made an easy neck shot. If only that big hind had stayed out a bit longer, we would have been able to get a result before the weather closed in, and we both got a soaking.
Happy Days!:D