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Hi all,
I suppose I should come out from the shaddows, I have posted an odd time but still trying to read what everybody else has wrote!

My name is Daniel and I am 18 and just finished an ND in Game and Wildlife Management at Newton Rigg in Cumbria. I have helped (pheasant and grouse) keepers since I was 11 after going beating a few times and abolutely loved it. The year after I got my first shotgun and shot on keepers day's and roost shooting, etc. After a year or two I got to go out lamping and couldn't wait to get my first rifle.

After helping another keeper friend I got to lamp and help him out on a large amount of ground and now have swaped positions (I have all the fun- shooting). I got a 17HMR and 243 as soon as I turned 17 and now own a 22LR, 17, 223, 243 oh and a FAC semi auto.

Through my lamping partner and a keeper I have managed to shoot 3 roe does and 2 red hinds up in Perthshire. I spend most of my time finding and watching deer when I can and read books and stories all the time on deer and their management.

I did some work experience on a large estate last year on grouse and pheasants and got offered a year's placement back down there and 6 month's working on his other deer estate in the highlands.
Unfortunately, i found out today that things have changed and they aren't able to offer it as we discussed earlier. But there could be a chance I could go to Scotland for the hinds in October through to February, but they said try and make some arrangements just in case it didn't work.

So i was woundering if anybody knew of a seasonal ghillie or under stalkers job going until February or more permanent. I would like experience on any deer species in any part of the country, I have completed my DSC 1 at college and carried out many management plans at college and other assignments to the highest standard. Not to mention gralloching and butchering the deer and finding something wrong with neally everyone!

I'm sending letters off to places like Blair Atholl and Corbieton, Woburn Abbey, FC, SNH, DC, etc, etc. Even if stalkers are going out regularly in Cumbria, Scotland, Lancashire, etc and wouldn't mind someone tagging along to just learn the ropes it would be fantastic. If you want a look at my CV's, references, etc just say. BTW I have a full clean driving licence and ATV, Chainsaw and Strimmer tickets.

If anybody has any ideas could you either PM me or just reply on here, I'm also going to put something on the discussion section as well.
Many thanks for now



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welcome to the SD daniel
even though you hav been lurking in the wings for a while
good luck for the future , no matter how it turns out
atleast you hav age on your side


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welcome daniel same as stone hope everything works out for you all the best for the future .


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Hi Daniel,
I'm glad to see that you have come out of the shadows and introduced yourself mate. Good luck with your future career, I'm sure the right job will come along sooner or later. Stick at it! ;)


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Welcome to the sunshine. I wish you well in your attempts for employment, nobody could ever accuse not making an effort to pursue your dream.



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Daniel, welcome. Never give up on your dreams, take every piece of experience and help you can get, I sincerely hope you achieve all your goals in life. And we all look forward to reading your posts on here ;)


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Hi Daniel,

What a great first post well done.

I am sure that if you continue with that level of enthusiasm you will achieve all you set out to achieve.
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