And they call us cruel heartless bast7rds!

Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!


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i just hope me and you can take that tosser stalking with us in a couple of weeks mr b.then we can tie him to the bottom of one of your high seats then i will come back to see you in a few months to take pictures of him.sick ba##';#d


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The article goes on to say that it might have been made to look as if the dog was being mistreated, but infact it may have been fed and watered once everyone had gone home. I can't see it myself can you. The dog would have acted differently and looked a lot better if that was the case and therefore would have deafeted the purpose of the so called exhibition. What this was really all about was just another talentless so called artist taking the p1ss out of the general public and feeling very smug about it.

Yes I'd take him stalking. I'd cover him in peanut butter and stake him out in the hot sun for a month for the Muntjac, foxes, badgers and crows to devour. I'd call this piece of art work 'I can't believe its not Bill Oddy'! :lol:

I like the quote from the exhibition galleries supervisor that he thinks the dog may have escaped at night when the exhibition was closed. 'Mission impossible Dog' I bet he got away with a couple of Gabriel Dante Rossetti's finest too! Smuggled out under his doggy coat.:eek: :lol:
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