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From the BDS:

Wing Commander Andrew De Nahlik died on August 17th 2008 aged 88.

The funeral service will be held on 27th August at St Edwards Church, Shaftesbury at 11.00 a.m.

Andrew De Nahlik joined the RAF early in WW II after an epic journey across Europe. Well versed in the strict European traditions of deer management, he brought this to the handful of post-war enthusiasts who were starting to revolutionise deer management in this country, taking a leading part in turning deer from being considered vermin to quarry species deserving humane and enlightened treatment. Through extensive writing and years of lecturing, he had a powerful influence on successive generations of stalkers and in shaping the training and laws which we now accept.

Present-day deer enthusiasts owe much to Andrew de Nahlik’s dedication and enthusiasm over this long period.

He was a Fellow of the British Deer Society and a member from its early days.

He will be much missed.

Another true gentleman passes.
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