Andy Murray... 77... Coincidence...?

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I. Farticus

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77 years since a Brit won the Wimbledon Men's Singles title
'77 - Virginia Wade won the Wimbledon Women's title
7/7- Andy Murray plays in his second Wimbledon Final
Of course it bl**dy well is you fools, but we'll use anything if we think it'll help!!!

"Top Brit" if he wins, "Plucky Scot" if he loses

Good luck Andy


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Also a top Brit, win or lose. But after the Lions yesterday a win would kind of round out the weekend!


Salmo Salar

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I couldn't care less. More worrying to me will be whether the midgies are out in force next week or not!

I. Farticus

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He's just donated his £1.6m prize money to the cancer research and care at the Royal Marsden Hospital... Wow!

UPDATE - Apologies, looks like an internet hoax that's hammering around everywhere. Had credence, given that he donated his Queen's winnings
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