Annual national cull figures


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Is there any governing body that takes count of all the different deer species annual cull numbers, or are they just estimated numbers.With the large numbers of stalkers coming into the sport how long before the government catch on and start charging for tags just like america. Does anyone think they could make it viable.


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I don`t know about charging for tags but I can see the government setting the tax man on to the stalking community sometime in the future.


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I don,t foresee the tax man chasing casual stalkers for the tax, as it would open a can of worms in which they could be the loser, as some stalkers seem to think a one in three success rate is ok, by the time you take ,fuel, gun ,ammo, lease costs out, you would be due for a rebate.
As to people who sell stalking they would already be registered.


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^^^ could be the loser? Tax man would be the loser. 1 in 5 success rate (maybe 1 deer per 15 - 30 hours). Pay landowner to shoot. Pay for kit. Pay for ammo & diesel. It is a cost operation. It would be nice to reduce my tax.

Cull figures would be very interesting, year on year getting a handle on trends would be very useful. At the moment it is all anecdotal - eg deer are getting hammered in this and that area, or deer population is too high in that area. DMGs are inconsistent. Collecting carcass tags would help provide this, (they are just binned at the moment - waste of effort & info) data could be anonymised, it would be inexpensive to collect. I understand that in Scotland this data is collected, not England or Wales. A role for the DI.