another death


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Looks like the body of a dead troll has been found.

I will make arrangements to send it back to the city, with a £60 pheasant rammed up it's jacksie

Good Riddance, and well done RobMac


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The best calibre for troll culling is .50 cal. I know ill open a can of worms now because someone is bound to say its not up to the job :rolleyes: :D :D


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Gentlemen I think you will find that Trolls, inevitably are their own worse enemies. Give them enough rope they will hang themselves, particularly when they write, post and behave in the same manner that they have always done.

Changing their names is no disguise, their very manner and behaviour speaks for itself and is easily identified by members of the site and admin. What a pity they do not put there efforts into something more constructive and worthwhile ;)


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Can't be done

Ever cut up a docken with a rotovator. Same with a troll. Every wee bit generates a new one. Only answer is to send them to France. :arrow:

Andy L

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Do you think he was a troll that we have seen before. I reckon he was a new one that came in from outside to fray some trees. He did not write like the previous troll did. He was definitely out to annoy people though. I don't think he posted once in a way that could be seen as constructive or friendly.

Anyway, happy days! :D

Come on guys, I don't know who you are referring to but some people once thought I was a troll, and if you are not, which I am not, its not so nice. Maybe you have proof otherwise though.



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Sometimes TMT members get caught up in friendly fire. Its unfortunate but if we didn't have trolls we wouldn't have these problems. :(

I think that there have been a number of trolls, but I believe that we have one in particular that resurfaces from time to time. Its like Dr Who, you have your Darleks, Cybermen, the potato head blokes. They just keep poping up to cause mischief. The one you have to watch out for is 'The Master!' :eek: :lol: And just like 'The Master' I bet our head Troll wears a big spangly purple cloak and has a silly goatee beard! :lol: