Another Elegant Sauer


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I got tired of sticking bits of rubber to raise the check-piece, so I made this.
Now I just need to get a 3-12*56 mil-dot ffp scope.


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I just picked up my new xt 202 in 30-06 left hand with open sights yesterday. This is the rifle i looked at buying 10 years ago but bought several other cheaper rifle /more expensive rifles over the years instead what a big mistake !!!! .
This is what I should of got all those years ago :love: you live and learn....


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Not my taste, but looks a very good job. Did you make the whole stock or just the adjustable cheek piece?
I've got 2 202's and 3 barrels and love them, but had thought of making a real light stock for mountain hunts where those extra pounds count at the end of a long accent.


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To answer Woodmaster
" Did you make the whole stock or just the adjustable cheek piece?"
The whole stock was designed using Rhino and manufactured on a 4 axis CNC machine. Plus a heck off a lot of sanding. The adjusters were made by the same method. The adjusters although made from Aluminium (aircraft grade) add greatly to the weight -I probably over designed them. The intention was to determine the length of pull and cheekpiece height then to manufacture another to those dimensions, of course the stock is then dedicated to a specific rifle, scope, person combo!
With regard to weight have you considered Ash or Sycamore? I made prototypes from them, light, not very pretty and require staining to reduce their visibility but it could be green or cerocoated if you wanted that. These would probably not be as durable, but what the heck have one just for the hills. There are laminates available, which give a more traditional look as well as some very much in your face types.

To answer rarms,
I laser scanned the receiver, and incorporated the scan into the drawing.

My original intention was to make it from walnut, but was unable to find a piece thick enough to accommodate the thumb rest without joining apiece on, and being somewhat off a perfectionist, the join would show as a change of grain which to me would not be acceptable. With the laminate it is easy to match the pattern without it being obvious. I did find a source of gorgeous English Walnut but would have had to buy half a tree trunk, and I'm not in a position to get a morgage to do that!

One of the advantages of this design and the Sauer is that I only have to move my thumb half an inch sideways to engage the safety.

Many thanks for your kind words.


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Very nice - what chambering(s?) is she in?

Looks especially well set up for longer range stuff.

Do you typically run a mod as well?