Another greeting from Suffolk!

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Hello all. I'm a 30 year old farm manager in East Suffolk, I've been shooting since I was 11 although I've only been stalking for 5 years. I shoot a Finnlight 6.5x55 with a T8 mod and Schmidt optics. I'm shooting mostly Fallow and Muntys in Suffolk a few Roe in Norfolk and Reds in Scotland. I'm hoping to get across to my Gun Dealer to collect my new .300 Win Mag Finnlight at the weekend.


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Hello and welcome to the site, a 6.555 with a T8 and S&B optics is something I am very familiar with ;)



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Hi Amhuinnsuidhe,
great name, fantastic place!
I have a few tales about the castle and it's inhabitants.
Wee Kenny, for one. The only person I have known who could still "hump" a stag down off the hill if it was too difficult for a pony.
Love to hear from you if you've been there too.


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Amhuinnsuidhe Castle Estate.

Thanks for the warm welcome all.
I was up at Amhuinnsuidhe for the last week of the stag season this year with a couple of friends, one of them had never been further north than Birmingham before and had never fired a full bore rifle either, he managed to shoot a cracking 10 pointer on the first day on the left hand side of Loch Voshimid, the jammy bugger!
I had a great week, had a couple of stags on the Monday, one of which was a very satisfying range, had a quiet day on the Tuesday getting the other member of the party a beast out behind the castle and then on the Wednesday, the last day of the Salmon season up there, I bagged my Mac Nab in 6 hours, my first Salmon too, so it was a great week!
I didn't meet Kenny, and the ghillies are no longer locals which was a little dissapoinnting to say the least but they treated us well and Innes was his usual dry self!
A quick question whilst I'm at it, I did my DSC 1 3 years ago and I'm thinking about doing my level 2, is it worth it and what will I gain from doing it?



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Congratulations on the MacNab, that really is an achievement and I can think of nowhere better to do it than Amhuinnsuidhe. Actually, on balance, I can think of nowhere better on earth than Amhuinnsuidhe and Voshimid is truly an enchanted place. Your friend will certainly remember his first shot at a stag.

I have no interest at all in salmon fishing, though I love the trout, and have taken my one and only salmon from Voshimid. However, I would always go just for the chance of fishing in such an amazing place. Quite some years ago I was on Scourst when the most amazing rain started. Unusually there was no wind at all and the loch was virtually flat calm. As all the wee burns started to pour water down into the loch the valley started to roar. It was a most amazing experience to hear this totally silent valley find a voice.

Recently I've had a few days at Tamanabhagh so that makes us nearly next door neighbours! It's a small world really.
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