Another new boy



Having just passed my DSC1 and purchased my first large calibre rifle I have been making full use of the information on this great site although only just got around to registering.

I have been shooting game and clays for a good few years and shooting bunnies for the pot with a 0.22". I have been a member of BASC and BDS both for many years.

I have my own woodland and access to adjoining farm and woodland, we have Fallow,Roe and Muntjac and I'm hoping boar might put in an appearance at some time in the future.

I'm a vet by profession, small animals only these days, but have had some involvement in the past with game and red meat inspection.

I'm pleased to get involved with a friendly and informative website.



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Hi Renard,
great to hear from you. Welcome aboard the good ship S.D. Plenty of friendly guys here. There is no inner circle or clique, just climb aboard the ride and hold on.


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hi renard,welcome to the site,i have also just done my dsc1 & a newbie the site is brill with loads of helpful & freindly people just ask away.where are you from. wint