Another new member in Lincolnshire (Spilsby)

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Hello to everyone,
I have been reading on the forum for a couple of weeks now, and joined just the other day! Great place for information.

I to am from across the pond, lived in the UK for around 15 years.

Like everyone, main hobbies..anything to do with Stalking, Shooting and Fishing.
Looked at trying to get my rifles sent across, quite a long road.... Am in the process of getting my Firearms cert. The guys at the police say its the time game now.
I am also looking for stalking or fellow deer hunters in the Midlands.
Thanks for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

Bryan Nelson


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Hi Bryan,
You won’t go far wrong on here Im sure that you get loads of help from the members.



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welcome bryan, if you want to have a stalk on roe or reds in dumfries & galloway in scotland some weekend let me know, always glad to help fellow stalkers.


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Saying hello

Hello mate, im a newbie on here too - I should get my fac in a couple of weeks hopefully, the inspection is the end of next week.

Im going to be actively looking for stalking too - so if I get any offers or tips i'll let you know, aside from one or two trips per year up to Scotland (which is all i'll be able to afford) - i'll be concentrating on the midlands area which should suit you too.

Kind Regards

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