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New to this site but find it most interesting & informative.

I've been shooting since 14 years old and I'm now pushing 60 so seen a few changes here and there. Began stalking in 1980 as a reult of making regular fishing trips to the Scottish Borders and Northumberland. Mostly Roe but also taken a Sika Mule and Red Hind.

My first rifle was a .303 single shot falling block by Army and Navy. I made a detachable scope mount for it and used a Weaver 4x scope with good results. It was a very accurate rifle using Norma 150g and I wished I still had it. It was sold at auction to fund my first bolt action rifle since I always felt a bit limited with only one shot (I take a different view these days). Next rifle was a 7x57 Mauser with set trigger. A nice outfit but I changed it for a Sako .243 which I still have. I use a Nikko Monarch fixed power scope.

Only manage one or two trips a year for woodland stalking but as I get more free time I would like to do more, especially in February which I find the most boring month of the year.

Other interests are driven game shooting and of course woodpigeon, which I believe to be the best and most challenging of any quarry. I also pick up for one of the big shoots with my black lab so we see plenty of sport.

Would love to get a chance at Muntjack but never really tried to find any stalking in the South so open to suggestions. My older stalking companion is now in poor health so I also need to make myself known.

Also shot game in South Africa, Tommies, Springbok, Impala and a very nice Nyala. Used a 7x57 mostly but also a .270 which I find a very harsh calibre and I never needed to take a shot at more than 200 yards.

Still think 7x57 is the best all rounder.


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Welcome to the site young man, we are a friendly bunch, and there is nothing wrong with 60 ;)

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