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Hello, been lurking for some time thought I'd take the plunge and join up. Been stalking for a year or two - still very much a novice. Live in Ayrshire with a bit of FC ground in Galloway. Shoot a Howa 243 in a wild dog stock and a stainless/synth Sako 75 in 6.5x55. Have a couple of GWP's, bringing the 12 month old pup on to the stalking for a acouple of seasons before intoducing bird work. I've been impressed with the overall standard of posting on this forum and glad to see posts rarely drift off into the type of pish often seen on others; long may that continue.
Welcome on board. Being relatively new here myself, the standard of help and advice that you can get here is admirable.

Look forward to reading your posts.

Welcome to the site, it’s a great place, where do you hail from in Ayrshire?
I’ve been stuck offshore for the last month, please tell me have the bloody midges gone yet? Probably drowned with all the rain, during my last time at home I think it was dry for 5 days out of the month I was there.


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Welcome to the site, we do try to be well behaved and helpful. In fact I have never seen so many people get their first stalk through the generosity of others.

Deep's midges still here in the North but thankfully the sunshine is keeping them at bay :D :D



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Deeps - grew up in North Ayrshire now living in East. Midges; I'm feart to go out to dig up some tatties if it's not p*shing down.

Are you in Ayrshire?
I’m in South Ayrshire, live and do most of my stalking around Straiton, I work offshore so the stalking is a hunger and a burst, at the moment on a dive boat in the Dutch sector of the N Sea, but hopefully only for another week, by then I’m sure the sun will be shining and the midges and klegs will all be dead!!!!!!!!!!!!!