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Hello to all. I have been involved in the shooting sports all my life growing up with game shooting and gundogs. I always wanted to stalk and got the chance when serving in the Royal Air Force in West Germany (as it was then) in the mid-80s. I qualified for my Jagdschein (hunting licence) and stalked roe and Schwartzwild (Wild Boar) taking a boar just before I was posted back to UK.

I now live in Moray and have regular stalking in my rough shoot syndicate. I passed the Woodland Stalker's Certificate in 1987 but stupidly didn't grandfather it so I sat the DMC1 exam last month and passed.

Looking forward to sharing experiences and information in the forum.



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Another Ex Serviceman! You are only our second RAF bloke though, we have MarkH a very good stalker. Or Biggles as we call him. :lol:

Welcome aboard David, you are more than welcome mate. ;)


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Hope you get as much out of the site as I have.

Fantastic amounts of experience on here and everyone is out there to help.

Moving up to Inverness next month, so might bump into each other there.



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Hello David,

and welcome to the site. It's a nice friendly place a bit unusual really as people only want to help.

TJ drop me a PM when you are in Inverness and we shall get together.



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Welcome to the site mate, ;)

You know you have made the right move coming here with the experience, friendship,knowledge and ofcourse, the banter, so join in and have fun mate. ;)

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