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old man

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Hi Guys and Gals, just read the sticky so although I've been a member awhile I will introduce myself.
I am retired, live in Staffordshire and have used shot guns and air rifles for the best part of 50 years although not used shot gun till recently for some 30 years.
I have culled small stuff in the past mainly rats, squirrels, rabbits and pigeons with air but have always felt in tune with Africa and bigger game.
I also shoot target .22 rimfire for benchrest and lightweight sport rifle disciplines, being competitive have been lucky enough to win a few bits of tin, shield and patches for the club and county.
I also shoot .308 cal at military ranges, up to 300 yds so far, I love it!
I have just started doing my DSC1 and am looking forward to stalking when I feel I have proven myself to be able to give the quarry the humanity and respect they deserve, and have somewhere to stalk obviously but that's another story.
Hope that's not too boring! ------ZZZZZZZ---ZZZ.
old man


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Welcome to this site "Old Man". You have certainly got a few years experience behind you in field and target sports. It's nice to hear that you are taking your DSC Level 1. There are lots of very nice experienced people on here only to willing to share in their knowledge. Make sure you read the manual and study the six species identity and you will sail through.

Good Luck


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Welcome old man from another newbie/oldie ;)
like you have been into air rifles most my life and the shotgun
for more than half of it but am only just getting in to stalking
so have a good time on the site :)

Andrew McLaren

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Welcome from Sunny South Africa


Welcome to this forum. If you are used to stooting target at 300 yards, then you could also do very well on our Free State grassveldt plains game.

Are you dreaming of making your dream of hunting in Africa come true? The get on the path of making those dream come true visit and read a lot here:

If that site gets you really fired up, start the detailed planning here:

In good hunting.

Andrew McLaren

old man

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Thanks for the welcome Guys,
I've lots to learn, nice to have access to the forum! :lol:
Andrew, I will join you when the Lottery pays up, that's a promise, be nice to bring a few mates out as well.
best wishes
old man


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hello there old man
fancy meeting you in a place like this :)
shall hav a catch up in the new year
might even bring jay jay with me if he behaves himself :evil:

old man

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Fancy meeting you too Stone.
Be nice to catch up in the New Year, be nice to meet jay jay too, I'm not sure he needs to behave himself though to be included.
plenty of good ale houses mid way.
O.M. :) :)
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