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Hi Guys and (hopefully) Gals,

I first became interested in deer and stalking about 20 years ago when I spent 4 weeks on an estate in Scotland. I was supposed to be doing undergraduate fieldwork, but I ended up helping the stalker and pony man (no quads or argocats in those days).

Career and city living kept me out of the countryside for 10 years or so until I moved to south Worcestershire in 1998. I do a lot of clay shooting, plus a bit of beating and rough shooting.

I took the DMQ/DSC 1 about 3 years ago, but have not got round to thinking about securing FAC or stalking until recently. Probably going to apply to West Mercia for FAC very shortly (.243 or 6.5X55).

One question someone might be able to answer, as I do not yet have permission to stalk on any land will it be a waste of time and money applying for a FAC.

Cheers for now


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Hello and welcome to the site. With regard to your question Look at this reply that our swampy gave to another member, it should go a long way to answering your question.



Richard Parsons

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Another new guy!

Hello everyone,
I have been looking at this site for awhile and really fancy joining in with you all. You all seem a great bunch of guys.

I live in Surrey and have been a keen foxshooter for a few years now
( Tikka T3 .223 ) and have now developed a love for stalking. I have done my DSC1 last year and am just about to sign up for level 2, but want some carcass handling experience first. :D I have had a few outings recently but no safe shots presented themselves, but, hey, it beats working!! I use a Sako 75 Finnlight in .308 with a T8 and this really is mustard. Groups 1" from 125gr right up to 170gr. What more can an enthusiast need??

Looking forward to talking with you guys, I just love the site.


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Ian and Richard enjoy the site, you get out of it what you put in my friends. The amount of new people on the site and all the extra posts! Its really starting to take off. Only problem now is it takes me all night just to answer my pm's and mooch through the site. :D
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