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I've been looking for those videos for a while. Remarkable, and slightly reassuring as a Sako and Tikka owner. It makes me think twice before considering an A-Bolt.


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lt strikes me that the only two that were held in the vice hard enough not to recoil were the two that exploded.... sounds like they had their barrels crushed enough to cause a rupture to me


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I remember this test from one of our hunting magazines a while back.
Just read the what was writen on, Här exploderar älgstudsarer .
First the weapons were sited in and then they were frozen to -40 and test fired while frozen to see which rifle was the most accurate.
They were then laid in a salt bath for 2 hour after kept in a room for 15 hours at 40+ and 95% moister so they rusted. They were them fired again to see what rifle still worked.
A bullet was put in the barrel to block it and then a round was fired to see what rifle would explode and if the bolt could be opened after.
The winner over all was the Howa with Blaser in 2nd place.
This was just a quick translation from the Swedish version.


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It's a terrible thing you know, dragging this back up again :D :D

As those that hate the Blaser system just cannot accept that it actually works (god forbid I Know), to see it come out well in a test such as this there are normally cries of "the test must have been fixed" yadda yadda blah blah. :p :p

Thanks for bringing this one up again bucksden


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The test was carried out by the Swedish defence research Dept.
As i recall the reason that the Blaser was in second place was that it did worse than expected in the rust test.


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Thanks for the translation

The next time i super-freeze my gun, drop it in the briney for two hours and get a bullet stuck up the barrel i'm not going to risk firing it...not worth the risk in mu opiinion :lol:

Offroad Gary

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Jagare said:
As i recall the reason that the Blaser was in second place was that it did worse than expected in the rust test.
i had a quick read, looks like they factored cost as well?

howa 5900 bullet tokens
blaser 26000 bullet tokens

(mind you, my Swedish is like an old blaser, a little rusty ;) )


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It was just the price they cost. Howa 5200 Skr , Blaser 26000 Skr. I don't see Blaser owners rushing out to buy a Howa. It will just make Howa owners a bunch of smug %¤#"/& ;)
It was just a test to see how much abuse a rifle would take and how they would function under extreme conditions. Don't think they were trying to prove one rifle was better than the next it was just the way it turned out.
Torsbo Handel my local gun shop that was mentioned in the article. were critical about how the Remington faired. But they are main agents for Remington so i suppose they were a little ****ed that the Remmy did not do well and blew up :lol: They did say that the all the test were extreme and that non of the rifles was dangerous under normal hunting-shooting conditions.
After the bullet up the barrel test all the rifles barrels were bulged and bent. Don't think any of them had any second hand value :)