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Hi everyone out there, another newbie on the block, this is a GREAT site, already answered many topics, reinforced many of my beliefs, and will give me lots of informed reading, keep up the good work. As for me, I live in Norfolk, stalk 4500 acres in Suffolk, started stalking in 1988,reload for 4 rifles, hunted last May in Kwa Natal, have gained a lot of knowledge over the last 20 years, and echo the thoughts of my F.C. mates, you are continualy learning all the time. Great forums, great posts, great members. Things can only get better on this site. Deerwarden. :rolleyes: hope my spellings rite


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Welcome deerwarden dont worry to much about the spelling you will see from my post that its not one of my stong points and the members on the site are very forgiving. :lol:

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