Another PB buck

Our passion is your passion... stalk with us!
Well this season just gets better and better. Decided to get up and head out this morning so I got to my local ground at 5am and decided to head after a old buck I had seen a few times this season. After a good stalk around to no avail I decided to go into the patch of clear fell in the middle of the wood and have a call after 10 min of calling I was just about to pack up when I could hear some crashing when suddenly a doe came running through the strip of trees followed by a buck 20yds infront of me so a quick bark stopped it in its tracks so rifle up free hand Bang buck runs 20 yds and stops then keels over :) after a few min I went to colect my buck, on closer inspection of a gralloch I had penciled the lungs ( guessing the bullet didn't expand with it Being so close. Any way this buck is the bigges Iv shot and seen,


so this afternoon I set to sorting the head out. After putting it on the scales it has a wet weight of 624gram

so according to my calculation this buck could make a good silver!! So my first bronze and pos a silver in one season all with in 300yds of each other.
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