Another Successful Hunt in South Africa


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So earlier this year we advertised a representative Male hunting Package in the Free State of South Africa. A forum member (Henry) contacted us in regards this package and would like to know if we can change it up.

He really wanted to hunt a Spotted Hyena and Klipspringer, so after some emails and messages we were sorted.

As planned, we started with the hunt in Limpopo, close to Kruger National Park, as this is some of the only places that Spotted Hyena can be hunted. Before the hunt pre baiting was set up and the Hyena and even leopard was coming to the bait. So, first night in the blind he got his Spotted Hyena.

In the same area Klipspringer, Nyala and Waterbuck was Hunted.
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After 4 days they went to a different area in Limpopo, we would rather leave out the Free State for the next hunt. The area was close to Groblersdal and since most of the animals was taken, we can focus on some other stuff like shooting warthogs, Guinea Fowl and Francolins.

The opportunity arose on a good deal on a Sable and a Crocodile, so it was decided to go after them as well.
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All and all it was a great hunt and he got all the animals plus a few extra.

Species Taken:
Spotted Hyena

I would like thank members of the forum for the Support
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Henry Straker

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I just came across this post - Hi Evert!

For the sake of giving an unequivocal thumbs up: I actually came across Evert from a very positive review left on this forum from a trip earlier in the spring undertaken by a couple of keepers. It wasn’t until well into conversing with Evert that it clicked that I knew those keepers, coincidentally living close by. Some great stories from those guys over the phone days later and I was happy to take the plunge.

In short, all the guys tasked with guiding, hosting etc whilst in Africa were 100%. Honest, organised, competent and entertaining. A really enjoyable trip with some very colorful and memorable characters who I very much hope to meet again. And to get the Hyena.... truly stoked. A proper holiday.