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Hi Guys
Have been on the site for a couple months and been reading through most of the posts that still exist, have also started a few new topics up recently which has been interesting.

From the title as you can tell am a Sussex boy through and through, although being young i do have time to travel around and spend a lot of time in Gloucestershire and Dorset. I have always been a keen shooter but deer stalking is definately something new to me over the last two years. However from reading books and watching DVD's my knowledge has slowly grown. I really enjoy this site as having done my DSC1 at easter it has just been adding to my growing interest and knowledge about all of the aspects of deer stalking
However being a student and only 19 the budget I have is fairly limited and therefore rely on close friends and family for opportunities however thats another story.

I will start with a story...
One of the most enjoyable things that i have done this year was with a friend that i have known since i was 4, went to school together etc etc, his father has a small 100 acre farm in Sussex and he had seen me shoot deer but never 1 himself, his place is very much a morning stalk as things seem to be a bit busy in the afternoon. I have regularily seen lots of deer their, no doubt over populated for the area as there is very little deer management in the area, this was also effecting a newly planted copse/hedge. So we where up and about at 5 am, we set off for the copse when we approached the copse I could hear 3 bucks barking all in turn which was a remarkable experience on such a beautiful morning but they where in the distance. As we approached I spotted a deer at the top of the plantation, after a quick look through the Binos, i could tell it was a buck and was not a young buck due to it's size. After stalking the buck to about 80 yards I could see it was an old buck as had very thick anters especially towards the coronets and was definately on the way down he had only just made 5 points and that 5th point was very small. It was a shame because no doubt a few years ago he would have been a fantastic 6 pointer and of good quality if it matched his body weight. He was 39.5lbs clean, no head, no legs.

Anyway thought i would add that in, sorry for the length.

I look forward to posting and reading the site in the future.

Nielaj :D :D


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Looks like we have the Sussex sett on the site now :lol: anyway welcome to you nice to read about your stalk on a good old Sussex Roe Buck. I have some ground up the road a way from Brighton which regularly produces reasonable quality heads.

Look forward to reading about more of your stalking experiences.


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welcome aboard the sussex's posse :lol:
good to see how easy it is, to make new friends on here
hope you all get to hav a meet up soon


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Watch Sussex Lad, he has a funny looking Rifle..... :evil:

Another Sussex dweller just around the corner from you.


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sussex lad

welcome from me also
I'm just east of you nearer Ashdown forest, I've just realized something my rifle is older than you: :cry: :cry: :cry:
still if you get as much enjoyment out of stalking as I have, you will be a lucky lad


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If you are talking about old rifles and it being strange, my rifle is older than myself...
It's a Steyr and was my fathers, still shoots well mind...
However my new one is on the way very soon... :D :D :D

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