Another trip with solway stalker

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Anyone who has a trip out with Colin will undoubtedly know what a memorable experience it will be not just the stalking but the whole trip .
jamie and I have both visited Colin's ground and look forward to our long awaited trip north even though Jamie was fresh back from Hungary shooting .
we had a slow trip to the borders as traffic was bad with average speed cameras but as we wernt stalking till the next day it didn't matter !
We arrived at new abbey and met the lady whos house we were renting for the duration of our was a lovely big house with loads of room and warm !! Sleeps 8 so we had a bathroom each.colin was out with stalkers and we know the crack so got ready for the morning ,it was a relaxed start 7.30 am pick up and travel to the estate but I still couldn't sleep even though the bed was comfortable if I got a couple of hours it was all I managed .
the estate looked resplendid with a good covering of snow gleaming white in the near perfect winter sunlight ,what a sight the rough crags popping through and the peaks lifting upto the blue Sky with hardly a cloud .
we where there for red hinds really and Colin said previous clients had had some sucess and was confident we would see deer moving .the snow was pretty crispy and would be pretty noisy and with only a 5 mile an hour wind we would have to be slow and cautious .
to try and write all the stalks would take all evening and take you the rest of the evening to read so I'll keep it simple .
we both had deer ,I even called a nice big dog fox who succumbed to the 270 .red and roe went into the larder we'd shot goat there before and saw loads . The going was tough too with snow upto your knees but our saving grace was Jamie the wonder garron who is strong as an ox pulling big hinds out .on a trip upto the tops after a group of hinds I was amazed at the amount of beds and exposed tufts of grass ,even though the hill was white the deer were hard to spot but we found some and stalking in such wonderful conditions really is a super excillerating experience.
everything was taken back to the estate larder and we took lunch at the local pub even though we'd had a good breakfast we had a good evening meal too so we'd burnt a few calories especially Jamie !Colin as always kept us laughing with his stories and tales and pointing out the areas he'd taken stags from way up on the tops even a tough drag for Jamie !
we think we saw a black grouse on one of a stalks along with ravens waiting for our shot to ring out signalling dinner
at the end of the week today we decided to go down to the foreshore in the hope of a goose . What ever happened would be a bonus to a perfect few days and although we didn't shoot a goose we saw plenty and heard many more .we even heard some wild fowlers opening up across the bay a guy nearby did open up with a very big gun at some very high geese but I saw nothing drop but it was the sound of the geese in the distance and the odd oyster catcher overhead that will stay with me for a long time .
we had a very sucessful trip and Colin is a very easy guy to get along with and I will be only too happy to take the same week next year and as for my 50 th may even take 2 or 3 days on stags instead of boar or Africa We enjoy his company so much .
i will get some pics on soon but A big thankyou as always Colin look forward to the next trip mate .
cheers Norma
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Thanks Doug , it was a good 3 days i enjoyed it as much as you guys did and nice to have guys who know their stuff and enjoy the whole job (even the dragging ) and larder work , think it was 9 hinds and two roe , the larder is full
Its been a very good week , every day with SD members Ian and Davie the two days before had a good trip as well ,
Look forward to seeing the pics Doug


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Good account and result there Norma. Looking forward to the pictures also.


Colin thanks again for a great trip, Doug and I have really enjoyed it. Hopefully we'll get some dates sorted and another trip booked
many thanks Jamie


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Cheers Jamie , a few excellent outings and good stalking finished with good shooting
Ive only seen one other guy drag deer as far and as quickly as you did and he,s a top rugby league player , you made me feel old :cry:
Thanks again