Another 'What Knife' - for my 30th

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I am after wracking your collective brains please.

Would like to ask my better half for a 'best' knife for my 30th. Something that will last for ever and I will pass down (if that time ever comes!)

I'd love a Fallkniven SK1, but at nearly £200 its a bit steep.

Is the Fallkniven F1 any good for general hunting purposes and skinning/gutting? Or is it too 'survival type'.

If not, any other recommendations around the £100 mark? I'd really like a curly birch style or the nice looking wood, but appreciate that puts the price up. Hence looking at the F1.

If not then I guess I'll get a Mora and come up with another idea.




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Nice, but far too much choice! Would like some guidance as to what is worth getting in the budget.

Just seen the Helle knives, they look nice - but worth the money?


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The problem is that there are as many knives as opinions.

I must have owned and used over 50 in my 65 years.

The only test of a knife is to use it in the field and to form your own opinion.

My preferences include laminated steel, full tang blades and non gimmicky handles.

A leather sheath fitted to the knife also gets my vote.

Don't get caught up in "this steel is better" or "grind it this way or else" discussions.

Mora are great but throwaway. Fallkniven are more bushcraft orientated IMO.

My advice would be to buy a Puma and a field sharpening system, or to take advice from one of the BB makers.
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I use an F1 for stalking, and fishing as well, and love it. I have the Zytel sheath and think it is great as well, and very secure. The whole thing is pretty robust and confidence inspiring and you don't worry about damaging it. On the other hand the blade is quite big and so might not be ideal on smaller deer but maybe that is more an issue of the user than the knife.

Personal choice is a big thing but all I can say is that if I lost my F1 I'd go right out and buy another one and in practical terms I can't imagine how I might ever need another knife for stalking.


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For stalking I'd think you want the H1 rather than the F1? I have a Fallkniven and they do make great knives. You could consider buying a blank (Fallkniven Blanks: Fallkniven Knives H1 Blade Only --- Heinnie Haynes - Knives, Pocket Tools and Accessories) and getting someone to put a nice custom handle on it?

I have always been a Mora fan but have recently started getting envious of certain custom knives. For what I personally think is one of the best makers at the moment Google "joonas kallioniemi puukko". Joonas makes traditional puukko knives that, as well as being a hunting design proven over generations, turn out incredibly attractive at a price that doesn't require you to sell your rifle and optics first ;) Oh, and he does great curly birch handles :D

A final word of caution - collecting knives becomes very addictive :oops:

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I like the Fallkniven F2 better than the F1 or H1 for a stalking knife. The Enzo Fisher or possibly Trapper 115 might be worth a look too.


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i have a puma white hunter in damscus steel (copy) which i bought off amazon more than pleased with it

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