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Sold: Anschutz 1700 .22 Hornet, Jet-Z & Duralyt 3-12x50

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Anschutz model 1700 .22 Hornet

16" Sporter Barrel Screwcut 1/2" UNF

Walnut stock with a few tiny marks that can be seen in pictures, that would steam out. Worst one from bi-pod

5 Round Mag

Accurate little Rifle with factory and even better with home loads.

Has fired less than 400 rounds but do not know the exact number.

Comes with:
Third Eye Mounts
Jet-Z CQB Proofed in Hornet
Dies and small quantity of Brass


Rifle, Mod & Mounts £525 inc RFD

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Final Price Drop Rifle, Mod and Mounts £500 including RFD
cracking rifle, I paid £250 more than that without the mod and rings, someone going to get a fantastic rifle at very good price, wish that had come on the market when I was looking

good luck with sale

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