Anti Bacterial Wipes

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You can get these in packs of 15 from most if not all corner shops or supermarkets.

Take up no space in your gear, fold them in their packet in half and place in breast inner pocket. No noise when stalking.

I always use latex/latex free gloves when doing my gralloch but inevetablly blood and stuff will get onto my forearms and 9/10 times will end up with blood on the inside of the glove.

Even after the gralloch and you have burried the gralloch 1m deep 8) ;) you will still have blood and stuff on you.

A wipe for each hand/arm will sort you out, stops blood getting onto your equipment.

Once done, contaminated wipes into the contaminated gloves and into your "Dirty Bag/Pocket".

Again you can have a jumbo pack in your car for when you load up and finish off.

Happy Stalking!!



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TJ are you saying you carry a spade with you as well to bury the gralloch can't be easy on high rocky ground!!!!!!!!! :oops: :oops: :cry: :cry: good on you fair point on the wipes and gloves if thats your thing i only use them when back at the car thats the wipes only


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I use baby wipes . If its good enough to get s*** of a baby's bum it will clean your arms.

And only 99p for a big pack !
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