anti flea treatments

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Hi all,
just got back from Italy, where the subject of fleas came up.
I use "front line" on my two, but my mate says he uses another product squirted onto the ruff of the neck (I think it was made by Beyer).
He uses this product as it also protects against a mosquito born bug which I think he called magnose (pronounced man yose). Any idea what this disease is, and whether it can be treated any other way? The reason I ask is that he is paying the earth for the treatment of his pack of ten dogs.


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I think the disease you are referring to is heartworm (Dirofilariasis caused by Dirofilaria immitis) It manifests in two forms one as lumps and bumps in the skin and the second affects the heart leading to debilitating disease and death. Spread by mosquitoes. Seeing a very few cases in this country in dogs that have been taken to Europe on holiday. I have never seen a case. Just lectures at uni. It is also a zoonosis and the highest incidence diagnosed in humans, odd lumps, is in Italy although very rare. Advise your friend to keep on present regime.


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Thanks morena,
that answers the question. I guess he will just have to pay up and smile.
10 dogs @ 30eu per dog per month, OUCH :eek: