Anti Tw*ts


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Stood at my bench yesterday comming up for 5pm (finishing time). So I put my shooting times on the bench only to be hurled abuse at. Banter or not its ****ing annoying as these people stand there and give me a real good dressing down about how cruel I am but yet they all still go home and eat meat that has been intensively farmed at least whatever gets shot sure as damned gets eaten here.

This just shows this guys ignorance to our sport, "I thought there where only a few places you can shoot deer in the country".

The fact we on the whole, we as a group of like minded people put so much more back in than we take out.

I have given up arguing with these people now as I have just had enough because they can't see past the rifle or the shotgun so I just say you still eat meat tgat is intensively farmed, I rest my case.

Rant over until I go back to work tomorrow.