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Well guys.. after seeing all the postings about the hunting in New Zealand I got all excited and fell off the settee as Stone predicted .. onto the wonderful world wide web and booked flights to Oz hopefully do a bit a exploring there but it seems dificult to shoot anywhere other than these "safaris" mainly aimed at even more fat rich yanks ..hey ho so will prob do a Rex Hunt and go fishing there...then onto Sydney, hooking up with cousin who lives in Aukland then we are off out to sample all that it has to offer.. 8)

I would like to thank all you guys for making this forum so great, it makes my day to look up what everyone has been up to and inspired me to go off on this adventure..
I would especially like to thank nzhunter for the advice and a very generous offer of help he extended to me ...cheers mate you are a star and hope to hook up when I get back at the end of the month :D

I will try to post how we get on and hope to see you all at the Clay Shoot and Visit to Malcs :lol:


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Have a great time mate. Dont go wandering around the beaches too much, some of those Auzzie birds look fairly good tucker to me ;)

Look forward to seeing you when you get back, have a good un ;)


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Cheers Malc yes my girlfriend has been giving me the chapter and verse about aussie girls and beaches, she says the only thing she wants to hear I've been riding on is my surf board :oops:


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hav a good un leagle
not so sure riding on your surf board will do your knees any good as sand is worse than carpet but what a way to wax your board :lol: :lol:
sorry mrs leagal to be
still not had an email back from my mate but glad nzhunter was of some help
take care


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Have a great time leagal.
I look forward to hearing all about your adventures at Quex.
Look after yourself,


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Cheers guys .. 8)
running round like the proverbial blue arse fly.. my mates picking me up in 4 hours of to Manchester airport, then up up an away ...

Thanks for trying Stone, is appreciated mate, If you do get any joy pm me I will check mails etc
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