Antonio Zoli Taiga Rifles - Matching Woodgrain?


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C039223.jpg C039276.jpg CO39215.jpg

It's funny but every rifle I see advertised has the same pattern woodgrain. Perhaps they were all made from the same tree?

A cynic might think a laser had been involved somewhere.


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Is it possibly the same rifle being passed around the dealers, or have Zoli started using a similar system to that used by Beretta to enhance their stocks using plastic overlays?

One thing is for certain and that is if the Zoli bolt action rifles are as well made as their express rifles you will have a quality gun there.


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No, they're 3 different rifles.

I agree with you though, I own a Zoli 1900 and have owned several Husqvarna 1900s before that. They're good rifles and much underrated.


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I have the Husqvarna 1900s and also agree that they are much underrated. I would love a Zoli if only to have a newer model, but the Huskys are very good for oldies.