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I wonder if any of our esteemed members have any knowledge of this model of pistol. I got it last year at a local sale of work / fundraising event. I paid the princely sum of £5.00 for it, the only reason I got it was because I liked the story that went with it. The man who was selling it told me it used to belong to his fathers' butler during the war, that will be WWII for the children :eek: , he used to keep the rabbits out of the vegetable patch apparently. Trouble is I don't know what to do with the bloody thing now. I have fired a few pellets through it, and it is surprisingly accurate, but like me only over a short distance :D



Apart from dispatching injured mice, any uses for it?



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Well as a dispatch weapon for wounded deer, you can use it as a club :eek:

Actually JAYB I have the next model up from that, but without the box. I have seen them on sale at the CLA for over £120 without the box. I reckon you would get close on £200 for that to a collector.

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I agree with sikamalc - you've got a serious collectors item there, especially with the box. The Mk 1 preceded the Webley Senior (or was it the Premier?) which is collectable enough in itself. They are very accurate at sensible ranges - I did some serious murder to the local wildlife with one when I was - well, some time ago ....... Must get into the attic and dig it out for old time's sake.


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Hello JAYB,

Bloodyhell mate, i mustn`t let my farther in law know about this, he likes to collect old air rifles and pistols. Some years ago i gave him a webley and scott junior in .177 cal, probably one or two models above that one of yours with the black plastic hand grips. :D

IF, you ever fancy selling it, give us a pm, my farther in law would love to have it. :D



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Don't know about the webley's but if any body sees or has a little BSA Cadet let me know as would like one to start my daughter off with learning to shoot.

Heym SR20
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