Any Antique shotgun cartridge buffs on here?


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Hi all,

An old boy gave me these old cartridges the other day:

Can anybody on here tell me anything about them?

All the best,


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The pneumatic in the picture is I recollect one I fired years ago, it was I think meant to reduce recoil by the special wad creating a buffer by compressing the air in it, cant for the life of me remember if it worked or not, personally I can never resist firing old stuff like that, go on you know you want to :evil:


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Not sure if you've seen it, but Bill Harriman wrote an article about cartridge collecting in the current issue of the BASC magazine. He gives some background on old cartridges and also recomends a couple of books on the subject. One of these might be useful.

Let me know if you've not got a copy of the BASC mag. I can have a look at mine and send you the book titles.



Green T

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Hi Digger,

Sadly the pictures are no longer there so I can't give you an accurate appraisal - If you'd like to re-post or send me a PM I'd be happy to help. I have a large collection and am a long-time member of the UKCC. I'm always very keen to buy or swap old cartridges in any quantity.

Green T