any auto electricians on here or folk in the know?


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hi folks
1stly apologises if in wrong section...wasn't sure quite where to put it

right eh ho....

my 4wd indicator lights on the dash ( 4 green lights with orange centre diff light) on a Toyota hilux surf 3rd generation. are missing

when you remove the instrument panel and look behind there are 3 slots for wee bulbs and they missing... from the rear cluster... the holes are smaller than the remainder of the lights that are there for the lighting etc

anyone know what these little bulbs within a small vlip in holder are called? and 2ndly what size / code etc I need as these are wee bit smaller than rest of them




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I got some of these for my Pajero but never used them, I'll look them out and if I can find them you can have them, they may fit :D



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Sound like the last owner has removed them due to a sensor fault?


just ring the dealer and they can pull up the codes, give you the "bend over" price and you can go elsewhere to buy them
I would recommend a diagnostic check though. no point fitting bulbs if you will be staring at them on as soon as you do


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Yeah guys working thru getting 4wd system back to working & discovered the lights missing I know they flashing checked with screw drivers with light indicators.

Just need to know what they bulbs and size are called so know which to order !

cheers for offer if you find them jayb