Any ex military mortar crew on here ?


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Want a description of what these would be if you know ?

Holdall 81- Millimetre mortar tools

This is how it was worded on a very interesting contract I came across from a couple of years ago. :-|


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To hazard a guess:
Cleaning rod.
Barrel brush.
Extractor tool.
... ?

I'm pretty sure it means the holdall itself on the contract, not the contents. Just wondered if it was some military lingo for something huge. The contract lists the price the maker received, and it's eye watering. I do know the maker, and they're "in the know" with the mod but obviously I'm not going to name them on here.


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Thought it was Bob, I'll email you the contract, then you'll see why the army can't buy stuff soldiers need. it's make you cry.
HI Bud

I have some contract details from years back when they made them with wooden handles, you think it was not a lot of money but back then it was.