any one advise a good knife?


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Guys i have decided to buy my self a knife, i have always used opinel france as my do all knife, and i do have about 6 of them in diffrent colours but i have now decided to splsh out and treat myself on a nice fixed blade knife!
It will only be used as a gralloch/small game knife
must have a sheath
must be able to hold razor sharp edge!
I am a fanatical knife sharpner hence opinels and im not worried about sharpining after a couple of days use!
Any ideas? I have a budget of 100 pounds ish!
regrards Will


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Hello mate,

Have a word with Chickenman on the forum. He's probably got something that'll suit you down to the ground. Don't quote me but i don't think he's very far away from you either. I'm not getting commission by the way!

All the best,
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Peter Eaton

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Hi Digger

Thanks for your words Digger and yes I have some available, some I have just made, some I made for folk of this very forum who didnt bother to get back to me when I had made them a knife. If you would like information on them Will PM me.




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Get yourself a Mora from Moray Outfitting (member of this forum). For £12 or £24 (depending which one you get) these are amazing knives and keep razor sharp edge. Great value for money!


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I have a couple of expensive knives but I prefer to use a Victorinox 6 inch boning knife in a Morra Scabard, cant fault it.


Ben Bain

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Ive got a knife from the country store at shustoke which cost me £7. Its a fixed blade with a solid plastic handle and comes with a hard plastic sheath. It is seriously the best knife ive had, it holds a very sharp edge and is easy to clean and maintain. I use it for gralloching and skinning deer aswell as rabbits ands feathered game.



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X4 on the mora. I've got two with the orange handles, great when it's low light. Guts the deer easy peazy. However sheath is a bit rubbish.

Danny Treacy

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+1 for the Mora, very cheap, I like the carbon steel blades as they hold their edge better, keep them oiled though.

Available in red handled versions too, can't see why anyone would want a camo knife!


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Buck Diamondback Outfitter, gut hook, should get change out of £30.

Sturdy, excellent rubberised handle, dishwasher safe and easy to sharpen. Cannot go wrong with it.



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mora comes to mind,but if want to spend about 100 quid, i use a f1 fallkniven i also use it for bushcraft i use a dc3 stone to sharpen it great knife but pricey


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i've got an eka folding knife, black rubberised handle.
not too expensive but good stuff. easily taken apart to clean.
also have a svord peasant knife, holds great edge, legal to carry as its not locking and less than the max legal length. its blade is held in open position using palm pressure.
i'm not too keen on the orange handles knives, as i had probs seeing where the handle ended and blade started, when it was covered in blood and getting dark. i'd prefer something like bright yellow


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buy yourself a helle ,i have a harmoni great piece of kit ,and a mora i always carry 2 can replace the mora plastic sheath with a leather one ,ibought 3 for £18 ,.


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I have a Frost Clipper great knives for the money, I also have a Fallkniven F1, superb. Both are easy to sharpen and hold the edge - £100 price difference, but if your looking to buy a 'good' knife fo for the F1.


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Last year a friend gave me Martini sheath knife. Don't know the model but it's got green rubber grips, and a blackened blade. I sharpened the tool marks off of the edge when I got it and it took a great edge. This year I have gutted and skinned 6 deer, which in I sawed up through the ribcage, and have none little more than touch the edge. It has remained crazy sharp.~Muir