Any one got a Ironheart?


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Not me, I've no idea what you are talking about - sorry.
Another name for Iron Man ?


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I wondered the same.....perhaps the latest Marvel superhero? Or Japanese designer denim??

However I think it's actually the Esse woodburning stove option.

paul o'

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Wood stove yup i looked on the wonderweb aswell ,did't feel he wanted an Iron heart suit:-|
See the source image
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I'd stick with a biological one. Iron lungs were never too elegant so play safe or you could end up doing a 'gasp, gasp I am your father Luke gasp gasp'


Basil H

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In theory a great bit of kit which looks the part. However, we had one a few years back, new and professionally installed. We could not control the draught and it burnt impossibly hot at all times, despite the installation being checked over by a chap from the manufacturers. It had to come out and we were fortunate in selling it (at a considerable loss) to someone who thought that they could master it.


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I used to work on an estate where they installed some. They give off a lot of heat and I don't think are that straightforward to cook on. I think the enameled Esse woodburning cookers were much better though and can be used for most of the year. I used to have a gas one but my wife made me replace it as she thought the ovens were too small, although I can't really see the problem with them.