Any plummers on?


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Got a wee question i need a hand with.

The council are coming out to inspect my garage on Wednesday for my VDL and I require to buy and put an over sink water heater in

I don't have a water supply in the garage however outside there is a tap which i connect a hose to.

My dilemma is this: How do i attach a bit of garden hose pipe to the inlet on a heater which is a bit of copper pipe or a threaded piece?

Is there a special connector available that will hold this on tight?




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Easiest way is to use the readily available push fit plumbing fittings and a length of the 15mm polypipe.

Turn off your supply to the out side tap, fit a push fit T fitting to the supply and a straight push fit connector on the other end of the 15mm polypipe on to the water heater feed.