Any sheep or goat hunters here?


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I see a lot SD hunters also go after wild boar in Europe and Eurasia, but I don't see much mention of wild sheep, like Corsican, Mouflon, Barbary, Ibex, etc.

Is there any of that in the UK, or do any of you go to Spain, North Africa for sheep?
Unfortunately, the Muslim wars have made much of the Mideastern mountains too dangerous for hunting.


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I guess it's the cost that is the reason not many do go for sheep/goats. Boar is becoming more accessible and cheaper especially when people organise their own trips and in Germany there are thousands of boar hunts each winter, but sheep etc are a specific thing needing a guide/outfitter that then command a huge price, coupled with a expensive flight over the pond if in the Americas and it just pushes it out of reach. I think many here including myself would love to if it were just a bit cheaper.


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The price of sheep hunting in North America varies widely, too, from $200 plus expenses for a self-guided hunt for Barbary sheep in the deserts of Texas and New Mexico, to $25,000 for a trophy bighorn or Stone sheep hunt on a monopoly concession in Alberta or British Columbia.

I was wondering if there were any inexpensive hunts in Spain or Morocco.

How about chamois hunting in the Alps? Not the impressive horns, but some of it is the same sort of terrain and challenge.

There are some wild non-native European sheep in the mountains of Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and Tennessee, escaped from large preserves, and some in preserves of 700 to 3,000 acres. The really wild ones are scarce, so most are taken by deer hunters who happen upon them.