Any suggestion for storage boxs for quads


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A plastic fish crate, strong and easy to clean, bolt on a rifle carrier and a rest and your good to go. Or get some plywood and make your own exactly how you want it then paint it

Paul 600

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Grey postal service trays or green boxes with a 13 digit number on them. Colin will know what they are.


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Machine Mart do a galvanised tool trunk that you can simply bolt onto the front rack with exhaust clamps, chuck a sand bag on top and you also have a great shooting rest.


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Cotswold kennelsI think they are called, they did mates terrier and storage box for his quad.
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norma 308

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Made mine from some spare buffalo board and some Ali angle then bolted my shooting rest to it ,rear is just flat board with an edge to stop feed bags slipping off Ect .


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Plastic crate hire boxes, I found one to fit my rear rack (the have fold up lids) from a company that were selling off surplus on ebay, gave them a ring and
they put me in touch with my local depot, will take a roe and is green!


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You can buy a Pack 'n Ride Utility box which versatile and could be a great storage solution for your quad, you can easily attach to the rear rack using the quick attach straps which come provided.

This pank n ride box also has a central compartment which can be removed and used as a separate storage box on the front atv rack, this also acts as a padded seat.