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I just found this on the BASC site Deer Stalking Intermediate Certificate I have never seen it before, which means nothing, but I was curious. Has anybody been on this course, was it worth it, value for money etc.

I am not looking to start a debate into the origins of the course, just want to know. I cannot see that it holds any specific acknowledgement from the authorities, it is not a requisite for your DSC 2, as far as I can see it is some sort of springboard to help people start their progress from level 1 on to 2. It is the award of a certificate that carries no weight other than being issued by BASC, the name of the association giving it any sort of gravitas.

We have on the site an abundance of AW's, what is to stop us issuing our own certificate :eek: ? Just a thought. :D


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I can't comment on the BASC course as I haven't done it. It appears to fall between two stools as it apparently offers training yet the blurb makes reference to 'an assessment'.

As to issuing our 'own' certificates there is nothing at all to prevent it. If I wanted to run a daisy chain making course and issue certificates of competence I could do so. I could franchise someone else to run the course. I could even train (at a cost) people as daisy chain trainers and certify them as accredited witnesses so that other folk could submit a portfolio of evidence attesting to ...............OK, so now I am being facetious but the principle applies. Anyone can issue a certificate - it is the value that others believe is inherent in it that matters.


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Ouch, I hope that no-one goes on that. That is probably the most obscene thing I have seen for a while. tHIS IS THE MONEY BANDWAGON THAT PEOPLE TALK ABOUT. And one of the reasons that I am not a member of that organisation.

I dont believe that the course or the certificate holds any merit at all.

The DSC is recognised throughout the UK, perhaps not liked, but recognised.

I could take out people on my mates estate for around £100 and probably shoot 3 to 5 does. You could then either use that as training, or if good enough towards the DSC 2. Thats a third of the price, with probably more deer and just as much recognition as that BASC cert if the DSC 2 was not carried out.


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When I first came across this, it was basically a chance for novices to gain experience under the eye of somebody with more knowledge and who was also aware of the DMQ Level 2 requirements, ie so the novice was taught "correctly"..

To be honest, I don't see that it is any different from a novice booking a couple of days stalking; I would expect any stalker worth his salt to offer coaching ect to a novice as part of that...

So what it comes down to, is £320 good value for two days stalking? And how many deer is the novice allowed to cull each day as part of that?

I know that their is *much* better value out there and tend to agree this is a blatant money spinner...


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Intermediate Stalking Course

I did this course in Oxfordshire with Peter Pursglove last December, having done my Level 1 the previous July. Although I'd accompanied a professional stalker on numerous occasions and done a lot of gralloching, I'd yet to actually stalk a deer myself. I booked the Intermediate course because I wanted the reassurance of a DSC instructor watching over my first stalk. The course started with several lectures on shot placement, using high seats etc as well as refreshing the knowledge gained during the Level 1 - extremely useful. We were given in-depth course notes to take away with us. There were five of us on the course (all novices); after having our accuracy checked on the range we had three stalks over two days, each of us accompanied by a stalker. We also had demonstrations of working deer dogs. I saw a lot of fallow and muntjac, and I shot from high seats and stalked through beechwoods. There was no limit on the cull.

This course isn't aimed at people who did their Level 1 having already been stalking for years. As a novice stalker with limited stalking opportunities, I found the Intermediate course invaluable. I got to stalk deer and shoot from high seats under the guidance of a professional, and the experience has made me more confident. You might say why not just book a day's stalking, and the answer would be: because you won't necessarily be stalking with a DSC instructor, you certainly won't get extensive course notes, you may not be offered the variety of situations that I encountered over the two days, and the certificate you get at the end of the course is more evidence of your aspiration to be competent which, whether you agree with having bits of paper with you name on or not, can't do you any harm. The course was excellent value in my opinion. I'm sure many people will consider the course to be an unneccessary money-spinner, but remember who it is aimed at and that it is a course, just like the Level 1 is, and consequently you aren't just paying for two day's stalking and a bit of advice. I'd recommend the Intermediate to anyone who wants a more structured environment in which to do their first stalk.


Jules its a money spinner mate you can dress it up all you want Peter is just a FC ranger who leaves to many deer on his patch and gets away with it .In fact his area is the worst in Britain for road accidents involving deer and contract cullers had to be drafted in to cull deer he wouldn't. ;) . Glad you enjoyed what you did but like others have said there are better deals to be had away from the money men.
he has the DMQ board on his side but so do loads and loads of commission rangers :p
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