Anybody been to Jura


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Yes its a beautiful remote island.sparsely populated.
Good red deer stalking.not too steep but long hikes.
Had a week hind stalking about 15 years ago


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I understand that one of the estates has been sold to an Australian millionaire,
which may have some effect on the Island


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I have a mate who owns 10sq/mtrs of land on Jura... He said he would write me a permission letter to shoot deer on it :D


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Its like the Isle Of Arran over there the deer are standing at the side of the road in numbers, lovely place all year round , nice people , very busy in summer with holiday makers and walkers , I moved the previous owner of my house over to Craighouse on Jura and the deer standing at the roadside was great to watch and wish:(. Think David Cameron's father in law has place over there but not 100% sure.


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I stalked on Ardfin Estate a couple of years ago and was really well looked after and stayed in the hotel over the road from the distillery, great times.