Anybody had a Mauser m03 trigger adjusted ?


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Not me I am afraid. The standard trigger is fine for hunting and I only use the set for zeroing and informal target use so I not felt the need to. If you do not mind me asking why do you want to adjust yours?


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I've never felt the need to adjust mine eigher , I couldn't tell you what it breaks at but I'm happy with it

as above how come you want to adjust it ?
Hello Rddk and all. I found this thread while I was getting ready to disassemble my Mauser M03, to look at the trigger. I've since written a story about what I found, at a blog I write, called 'Mauser M03 Blog', in a post titled 'Mauser M03 - Disassembly and Trigger Design'. The pictures included might be useful to anyone finding this thread. I'm too new here to provide a link, so please Google for that post. :)

In my introduction here I asked Mauser M03 users to weigh their triggers and pass on their findings. It would be great to get some input on that - with replies here or at my blog. Thanks. :)

Regards, Rick.