anybody in yorkshire


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Anyone in the york leeds area fancy getting together to do some training maybe once a month or so
quite blatantly i want to pick your brains , two heads are better than one even if its only deer heads, and it gives a bit of extra motivation
all my mates are quite happy to shoot deer but dont want the hassle of dogs, unlike me I am quite happy for someone else to shoot if I can work the dog (sad I know must be getting old)


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is that the hoddam near ecclefecan just a bit outside yorkshire!!!!!
I pass there on my way to stranraer/port logan
do you have a shop or is it all online,
I will take you up on that offer and give you a ring


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I did say!

I did say that we were a bit out of yorkshire and as you pass by our front door, it's not too far out of your way.
We mostly sell online but if you want to pick gear up that is fine by me, i have been known to sell stuff out of my bedroom (but that's a different story!!!)
Look forward to seeing you.
I am sure we could get away with using Skipwith Common at the back of my house. It is natural deer territory, also has wild sheep and ponies runing loose./QUOTE]

Hi Ian and all

Iam one of the wardens of Skipwith Common and I am rather disapointed to read one of the members here suggesting the use of the countries newest National National Reserve as a training ground for deer stalking. While neither Natural England nor the common's owners Escrik Eastate have anything against huntig per se the disturbance to the wildlife and stock has to be considered. You are welcome to aplly for permision to use the common, although I honestly doubt it will be given. Any unpermitted disturbance of the common, it's stock or wildlife is an offence nder the Countryside & Wildlife Act and may result in prosection
I see this thread is actually a year old, strange how my web crwler that watches for references to the common has only just thrown it up. However my comments stand.


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Amberlady i dont think for one moment that this will disturb the wildlife for one minute
Im not familier with this common, or the peoplewho use it.
How many successful prosecutuions under Countryside & Wildlife Act have you had.
For you to come to this website and start thretening people, I dont like the way you go about the managment of this common
Why dont you offer to meet these guys, they may even dispatch any injured deer you have, from road traffic or lurcher men


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Sounds like a good place to train a tracking dog. Might come over and show you how a good tracking dog works ;). Not tried him on hunting wild sheep and ponies yet but as he will hunt moose, sheep and ponies should be no problem:evil:. Do wild sheep taste good?


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Amberlady i dont think for one moment that this will disturb the wildlife for one minute

The place is covered in more sheep everytime I visit,I'm sure it's to the detriment of the wildlife ,particularly the deer !
Damn site more deer in nearby areas without the earache from the misinformed .


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Ah nice to see the vicious little Bill Oddie types have made it on to here. Sounds like she needs some more boots cause her feet are far to big for the current pair.
Right im off to Skipton with my pack of savage cockers to lay waste to the local wildlife :lol:


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Aye but if I let the really crazy one of it will get to Skipwith from Skipton in no time, and she may even drag a new deer to amberladys reserve too :lol::lol::lol:



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according to one or two of the lads at the buckles last week there's plenty dogging taking place at Skipwith on most nights !!


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hi may be if you want i can sort something i have land here in leyburn north Yorks we can use on a Sunday and may be i can sort a beer and a carvery at my local for afters say a Yorkshire deer dog group meet once a month i have been training gun dogs for over 30 years may be able to help you out


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Hy fellas your 30 odd years too late to disterb deer on Skipwith common when I went to school there were several hundred Fallow roaming there then the mines came and wildlife trusts etc now they use sheep and cattle to do what the deer used to I am sure training dogs there should not cause a fact its used 24/7 as dog walking area and they wont be as well trained as yours.


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Ahh yes, the joys of working around 'Commons', I remember just this kind of thing from my days with the NT. Just about everything we ever did on a common was wrong in someones eyes. The commoners had the right to graze animals but none of them had any animals, they had the right to gather bracken for animal bedding but never did because they had no animals (see above), we wanted to roll and forage harvest bracken to remove it but the commoners threatened to take action against us because it was 'their' bracken! We wanted to cut birch scrub but, again, action would have been taken as they had the right to take firewood despite the fact that none did (we actually one a small victory on this because we insisted that they provide £10m public liability insurance and Nptc training to use a chain saw) and as for the common with its fantastic areas of lowland heath (one of Europes rarest habitat types) its now a birch and bracken jungle. And there was us thinking that 'commons' were a legacy from a time when people worked, lived, used and enjoyed the countryside rather than just writing academic papers about it and confusing conservation with preservation. Rant over, going back to work now, might shoot some moles to make myself feel better! JC