Anyone attending "The Game Fair" 29-31 Jul 16 @ Ragley Hall


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Looking to see who is attending The Game Fair at Ragley Hall, may look to try and administrate a meeting time for SD members at "The Shooting Village"

Food being sold there from "the shotgun chef", would be nicer than the burger vans robbing us all blind!


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Going by a recent email BDS won't they backed the wrong show

UK Game Fair cancels - and backs the Game Fair at Ragley Hall 29-31 July 2016

Press release issued by UK Game Fair on 23rd June:

"After careful consideration and considering the needs of the industry, the UK Game Fair, organized by Blaze Publishing, has taken the very difficult decision to call off the event at Stoneleigh scheduled for July. It is clear that the industry wants and needs a single, large-scale event where their interests can be best served and that event will be The Game Fair, Ragley Hall, Warwickshire on 29-31 July 2016."

The Game Fair - Ragley Hall 29-31 July

BDS NOTE: Due to the late changes, logistics and costs involved, BDS has taken the decision not to transfer to The Game Fair at Ragley. The branches will however look forward to welcoming members at many more regional events this summer and expect to be back in force with The Game Fair at its 2017 venue Hatfield House, Hertfordshire next year.


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I'll be there with the Mrs weather permitting

more of a day out than anything else although I might pick up some viper flex quad sticks , some new lowa boots , a croots leather shotgun slip and a few other bits

but like I said I'm not really going to buy anything just a day out :)