Anyone for a new Defender ?


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I don't love it, but I don't hate it. They had an impossible task. What could they have done to please defender fans other than just remaking the previous model, but somehow incorporate all the modern safety/efficiency requirements?

Will be interested to see if they do a a proper stripped down 'agricultural' package or something that forgoes the range rover interior.


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the right hand model comes with a fitted tow rope and shackel, im thinking it will be well used. bs.


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what farmer will you see using that ? his wife will most likely not want one either.

they have lost the fight with Toyota mitzi and other re: a proper work horse, all this is, is a grown up MINI. and its FUGGLY REALLY FUGGLY



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Get it into your head boys.
This ISN'T a Defender replacement.
It's got its name and that's it.
LR has lost the market defender was in. Double cab pickups can now tow 3.5t so no need for a defender.
This is a lifestyle vehicle.
It will sell like hotcakes
a. Due to its name
b. Its not like the old defender

It's aimed at a totally different 'defender' market not old school defender market.

Also if they do breakdown it will keep paying my mortgage


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Looks like a skoda yeti, wonder what HM forces will drive when they don't buy this
I doubt the MOD would bother with buying many Land Rovers anymore even if the previous Defender or Wolf was still in production. The days of ‘light utility vehicles’ are on the way out and they are not compatible with future operations as the payloads are crap, reliability indifferent.

As a weapons platform in its RWMIK form the LR has been superseded by the Jackal which provides better protection and load capacity.

I believe the MOD lease Toyota pick ups or similar for general cutting about now but would be happy to be corrected.


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Ugliest thing I’ve seen for a while...

Is it as unreliable as it’s ugly? Would be a double with both darts moment for LR! Lol!

Yes, it will sell to the womenfolk and gaysters for sure.

Farmers isn’t a big deal anyway, once BOJO f88ks the Brexit deal and subsidies are cut off, farming in the UK will be a think of the past


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As expected, it's up-market and expensive. Also as expected, it seems to have lots of toys. Like it or not, that's what Land Rover do now. There just aren't enough farmers around these days to make a totally utilitarian vehicle.

Also as expected, people immediately either love it or hate it. Mostly based on that green oval badge on the front alone and based on a horrible experience owning a Mk1 Discovery or something decades ago. I agree that Land Rover were up against it with replacing the Defender. But at least it looks a bit more comfortable. However, in a world where big gas guzzlers are not in favour, even the more frugal engines in these will not hit the mark for everyone.


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It looks pretty pump imo. That presenter as well... jeez, tough listening to that. Funny how so many utes are being described as 'cars' these days, with interiors being a massive focus. No mention of diffs or anything really useful, just styling. Surprised they using diesels when major pickup players like Toyota are already talking about shifting to electric.