Anyone getting on the foxes


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Hi i just wondered if many of you are getting many foxes on the stubble yet? I have not seen many

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I shot two, at the weekend. The first one was 150 yards, and the second was 220 yards. I did see others, but the shots wasn't safe to take. Hopefully an other day !!.


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I shot three from the same high seat (1 first night and 2 second night) on silage field (not much stubble round here yet). The first was at about 290 yards and the other two were about 180 and 220. There was a third one out at the same time as the two shot on the second night but he didn't hang around. Funny enough the night I shot two the second was only about 40yards from the first but wasn't bothered when I shot his mate.


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We dont stop no stubble as yet but have shot a lot of hay/silage, in 15 mins last Weds I shot 4 rabbits and a vixen.



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Shot 2 on Saturday, I went early to leave some time as there is a Muntjac using the headland, first was a worn out vixen, second was this years vixen after waiting for the light to go. Short story I saw lights in the middle off a field with what looked like a trailer! turned out to be a commercial hot air balloon operator recovering his kit!!

I waited for 20 mins and a set of eyes came out to see that the whistling was about!

Only one field on my permission has been cut so far but did get 4 from it in one night last week, went out again last night and saw nothing on that field but did catch up with a very sneaky vixen that had got on to keepers rearing field through the electric fence so one very happy keeper
Following on from that if any body in the Surrey/Sussex area needs a hand foxing in any capacity i could do with getting out more so would appreciate the opportunity, I have thermal spotter and NV on .22 and .243