Anyone had any experience with these optics?


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As title suggests, I was wondering if they were any good?

I saw them at the game fair over the weekend as was very impressed with the scopes they offer but I never got to see what they were like in low light.

I'm considering buying a new scope shortly and one of these could be an option!

Trijicon, Inc.


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paul o'

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100's of thous sold mty used by the USMC/army , I use to have them on my AR's ACOG'S on M4 .223 and 308 , none f/optic type both had DBC ret's and were very good ,the glass was good as well, I have only used one of there scopes non hunting scopes it was a x56 obj , called an accu something or other ? this too was V good and built to take a beating by the looks of it but only at a range on paper lol. Not much help I know but yes I liked them just not the rets on offer the one I tried had a mil box ret MOA pass on a hunting ret.