Anyone have a Browning A-Bolt ???

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Some opinions please.

I mate brung one along with a weighted muzzle break type thingy which is intended to fine tune the group..called a BOSS i think. Anyway, i thought it a gimmick until we started playing with it - it basically allows you to fine-tune the harmonics of the barrel to the weight/type of bullet etc. We managed to triple the original group size and then half it just by rotating it to the position marked in the accompanying chart.

I know the Boss thingy is new, but the basic gun isn't, so does anyone have real experience of owning and/or using a Browning A-Bolt?

I'm seriously considering one.


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The boss system has been around for a while, l personally do not have one but a stalking colleague of mine has got a browning in 270 with one on and l have seen the difference it has made compared to a weapon that does not carry one, if l do have any criticism with them they make the weapon notably noisier.


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I had a winchester mod 70 with a boss about 10 years ago.
i loved it but my mates hated it the noise and blowback at 45 deg from the shooter were awful !


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Yup up until a month ago I had a Browning A-bolt in 30-06 fitted with a boss. The system does work and you do get more noise than normal generated by the boss towards the shooter along with reduced recoil. I owned the rifle from new and it gave me over 10 years of trouble free use. It was very accurate and even after throwing 1000's of rounds down it it still produced a sub 1" group at 100m. It didn't let too many Deer get away with steping in front of the it.

Interestingly because of the way the boss worked I found that often I would get a second/third shot off as the deer seam to be confused as to were the shot had come from.

I only got rid of it because I didn't have the heart to wreck the rifle by having it screw threaded for a PES moderator and the police would let me have another 30 cal rifle on my ticket in addition to the A-bolt, otherwise I'm sure I would have kept it. As a consequence of my experiance with a rifle, I won't hesitate in recomending.


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a bolt

I invited a guy from on here stalking and he had one. It was in 7mm08. It was a cracking rifle.

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