Anyone heard off Chris Ellam?

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Mike L

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Making light of covid and people who have and may have passed is something we do not require on here.
Chris Ellam may well be suffering from covid or dealing with a family member who has passed.
Think before you put up such comments on here.
I am certainly not making light of anything, if you read it that way that's down to you, it was a plausible reason of why he might not be reached.


Had a reply today thankfully. Many thanks everyone. Just to clarify I wasn’t proposing he had disappeared with everyone’s stuff nor moaning at how long it’s taking but just wanting some sort of contact to know it’s being dealt with. If there’s an issue that’s completely fine I just wanted to know it was on the to do list and Chris was fine.


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Chris has just issued a response on Facebook. I have nothing to do with him at all but thought it be prudent for you guys waiting on work and might not be on social media.
"Chris Ellam
To update you all
Due to illness and lockdowns over the last year I like many businesses have struggled to get supplies due to companies being on furlough which has had a knock on effect with many self employed businesses.
Plus unlucky for me I caught covid. I've certainly not run away I'm working hard now supplies are coming through to compleat every commission.
No one could foresee covid effecting us like it has .
Anyone who wants theres back uncompleted simply drop me a PM .
All the best chris"
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